I was born and raised in Colorado. My husband and I bought our first property in 2014. The Denver market has been increasingly competitive for buyers so when we were looking for a home to buy, we realized overpaying for a turn-key home was not the way to go for us.  We were able to buy a lower price home that needed renovation and really make it our own at a lower cost than buying a home with new finishes that was not unique to our style.  

Since then we have been doing small home projects and getting better each time.  We now own a rental property and do a lot of our own renovations and love trying new projects and ideas. One of my favorite parts about DIY is that I learn a new skill with each project that I can apply to the next one. 

I never did any sort of DIY before becoming a homeowner.  DIY can seem scary and unapproachable.  I started this blog to share tips and tricks that I have learned along the way and to give others the confidence to take on more DIYs.

I also love upcycling and finding second hand items at garage and estate sales.  I have found that this is one of the best ways to get unique items and decorate my home affordably.  If you can save money on décor items by making it or thrifting you can spend a little more on items that are more important to you that you want to splurge on. 

I believe that beautiful decor and interiors doesn’t have to be overly expensive. Follow me as I combine home made and second hand items with new decor. 

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