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Short Term Rental Progress-Week 4

See last week’s update Short Term Rental- Week 3 Progress Update.   Shiplap Wall This week I finished and started the shiplap wall. The wall before had some weird wall paper that was going to cost a lot of money to remove so instead, I decided to shiplap over it. I wanted to do a lighter […]

Short Term Rental- Week 3 Progress Update

Backsplash Last week’s update was Short Term Rental-Week 2 Progress . This week we finished the backsplash.  This turned out to be a lot more time and effort than anticipated.  The stone tiles were hard to work with since they were not all the same size and it came out a little lighter than I hoped but I […]

Short Term Rental-Week 2 Progress 

We bought a vacation rental property. See my first articleWe Bought A Short Term Rental.  When we bought the property it seemed pretty turn-key but once we really started looking there was a lot of small things that were needed. There is no major renovations but just a lot of small projects. The small projects are […]

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