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How To Make An Easter Egg Display Centerpiece

This post is sponsored in partnership with You Floral

One of my favorite parts about Easter is painting eggs.  However, after all that hard work I need a place to display them.  I wanted to create a fun and festive Easter centerpiece. I decided why not make the Easter eggs part of the centerpiece.

My Easter craft will be to make a centerpiece to display my painted eggs and accent them with a beautiful Easter floral arrangement provided by You Floral www.youfloralusa.com, www.youfloral.ca


  • 1 Plank of Common Board
  • Wood Glue
  • Sande Plywood
  • Egg Cartons
  • Paint and Painters Tape
  • Vice Clamps
  • Sanding Block
  • Wood Filler

Calculate Box Dimensions

The first thing I did was measure to create the dimensions to build my box. 


I first measured the length of the egg carton that will fit in the box.  This was about 11.5 in. 


In order to measure the width, I took two egg crates and the mason jar I planned to use and measured the width across.  That number was 8.5in


Then I determined how high I wanted the box to go on the mason jar vase.  I decided I wanted it to be about 5in tall to leave some space between the eggs and the flowers so both can be displayed

Cutting The Wood

Now that I got my measurements I was ready to cut my pieces.  I cut:

2 x11.5in pieces for the long sides. 

2x 8.5in pieces for the short sides

1x12in piece to go on the bottom

I cut the joints into 45 degree angles to fit together.

Assemble and Glue the Box

Now that I had all the pieces, I put them all together and glued them with wood glue.  I used vice grips to hold them together and let them sit over night.  I sanded the corners with a small hand held corner sander. I used wood filler to fill any gaps and then sanded the box again.

Cut Out the Shapes

I have never cut out shapes in wood, so I wanted to try this out. I drew the circles using a compass and free hand drew the bunny feet and other Easter shapes on some sande plywood pieces.  I chose Sande plywood because it is a really thin wood that is easy to cut through and sand. 

I used a Jig Saw to cut out the pieces I traced on the wood. 

Paint the Box

I used sharp lines painters’ tape to make the stripes. On the long sides of the box I measured 4 inches in from the sides to make the stripes. On the short sides of the box I measured 3 in in from the sides to make the stripes. I used a level and drew a line and then added the painter’s tape along those lines.

I used Party Hat Purple, Wild Geranium and Mirror Lake as the three colors for my box.

Paint Shapes

I sanded the Easter shapes so that they were more detailed and finished.  Then I painted them.  I used a Sharpie to add more detail.

Glue Pieces

I glued all the shapes onto the box and then held them on with Frog Tape till the glue dried.  I let it sit overnight and then I took the tape off.

Cut the Egg Crates

I decided to go with clear egg crates and cut them in half. I put each half on the sides.

Fill in Box

 I bought a variety of Easter basket grass and filled in the box.  I filled in the gaps between the eggs.

Add Flowers

Finally, I added this beautiful bouquet provided by You Floral www.youfloralusa.com, www.youfloral.ca

Now I have an amazing Easter centerpiece.

This post is sponsored in partnership with You Floral

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