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How to Make Vintage Christmas Signs

This year I am decorating my sitting room with a Vintage Christmas Theme.  I decided to decorate the MDF grid wall we made in our sitting room How To Make an MDF/Grid Wall .  I always thought it was difficult to decorate the grid wall since its already an accent wall it’s not really meant to be decorated more so I came up with an idea to add Christmas prints that fit within the squares.

I didn’t have any Christmas decorations so I bought a bunch from estate sales so this made the Vintage Christmas theme an obvious choice. 

I bought canvases on sale 60% off that fit perfectly in the squares and some small décor as well as some thrifted décor items.


  • Canvases 22x28in (I bought 5)
  • Wood Snowflake
  • Behr Paint (Dark Crimson, Tumeric, and Alfalfa Extract)
  • Gift Bag print to use as stencil
  • Snowflake stencil from Amazon
  • Thrifted Vintage cutouts (The Santa and Snowman)
  • Letter stencil kit from Amazon
  • Stencil Brush

Painted Background

I started with painting the backgrounds of the Canvases.  I found some Vintage looking Christmas colors (Dark Crimson, Tumeric, and Alfalfa Extract) to paint the backgrounds of each canvas. 

Vintage Santa Print

The first print I worked on was the Vintage Santa print.  I found this old Santa cut out at an estate sale for 50 cents.  I first centered the Santa to where I liked it. 

Then I used my Triangle square to measure how far in I wanted the lettering to be on each side of the Canvas.  I used my T-Square to make a border so I can see where to place the letters. 

I used a letter stencil and first outlined the letters in pencil.  This is important to do first to see what it looks like before you start painting.  Once I was satisfied with the letter placement I painted in the stencil.

Now I was ready to glue on the Santa.  I waited to do this so that I could move the Santa if I needed to depending on how the lettering turned out.  I glued on the Santa with Fabric glue and used Frog tape to tape the ends down to lay flat and dry. 

Scandinavian Tree Print

I found this gift bag and loved the print so much I decided to make it into a stencil for my canvas.  I used the canvas I painted Tumeric.  I cut out the shapes on the bag and used a stencil brush to paint it.  This stencil brush was key.  I have never used one before and it worked so well and it made the project so much easier.

I saved the shapes I cut out of the bag and glued them on to create a border around the stencil

Snow Flake Prints

I used a snowflake stencil I found on Amazon and painted in the stencil white over a canvas with a Dark Crimson background

This Snowflake print was super easy.  I found this wood snowflake on sale and I just glued it onto the print I painted Dark Crimson.  The wood pops out and gives it a cool 3D effect.

Vintage Snowman

I found this Vintage Snowman at an estate along with the Santa and just glued it on the canvas and taped it down with the Frog Tape so that the edges would dry flat.

Display Signs

I removed all the Frog Tape the next day and everything dried flat.  Then I tried using command strips to hang them in my grid and that did not work at all.  I had to use hooks and those worked well. 

Here is how they turned out

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