Trendy Holiday Craft

Front Porch Christmas Tree Décor Package Bin

The project I am proposing will be decorative and functional.  I am planning on creating two wooden trees out of a shiplap wood material and then attaching them with stacked crates in between.  This will create a decorative storage bin where I can have smaller packages placed on my front porch.  Or it can just be a nice porch decoration.  

The trees can be painted however I want with cute ornaments and decorations and then I would attach a cute sign that says Santa’s gifts or packages.

The bins can be made in multiple sizes if needed there can be a shorter one for larger packages and a taller one with stacked crates for smaller packages. 


  • Shiplap wood
  • Crates
  • Wood Glue
  • Nails
  • Paint 
  • Plywood
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