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4 DIY Projects To Do Over A Weekend

Like many of you I only really have the weekend to get my DIY projects done.  I get tired at the end of the work day so often don’t get much accomplished on the weekday nights.

Preparing for your weekend project

I try to collect all my supplies I am going to need for a project before the weekend so that I am all ready to start it when the weekend rolls around.  Ill order them online to get here before the weekend or make a quick store run in the week day evenings.  

Whenever I plan a project I try and think of all the supplies I need first because making store runs during the weekends really cuts into the project time and stores are typically busier on the weekend.  Inevitably though, I do end up forgetting one or two things or run into a supply I didn’t realize I needed when I am doing the project.  However, the more and more projects I do the more supplies I have so then I end up having left over supplies or tools to use for other projects.

The key to a successful weekend project is doing all the planning and gathering supplies beforehand so that you can use the weekend to focus on executing the project.

Here are 4 projects that I have done over a weekend

1. How to Make a Decorative Wood Kitchen Board

Difficulty Level: Easy, Budget Friendly

If you are looking for a decorative kitchen item this project is perfect.  I incorporated the marble look with some marble spray paint and used a plain wood serving board. See my post How to Make a Decorative Wood Kitchen Board

2. How to DIY Decorative Colorful Books

Difficulty Level Easy, Budget Friendly

The main colors that I wanted to blend into my office were light pink, turquoise and gold.  I thought books would be a good way to incorporate the colors that I wanted.  I looked online and found books that you can buy in custom colors but it was a little expensive.  This inspired me to find a cheaper way.   At pretty much every estate sale we went to I found a ton of super cheap book sets like Encyclopedias.  Once I had a few uniform sets of books I decided to paint them to the custom colors I wanted.  See tutorial How To DIY Decorative Colorful Books

3. How to Create a DIY Bookcase Accent Wall

Difficulty Level: Easy-Medium, Budget Friendly

When I was decorating my home office I really wanted a unique accent wall. Instead of doing an accent wall on the main wall behind my desk I decided to do an accent wall in the book shelf. The first thing I thought of was painting it one color but I decided I wanted a pattern. I looked online for wallpaper I could put up as a background but didn’t find anything I liked. I thought hey I can create my own pattern. I am obsessed with Chevron pattern and thought it was an easy enough pattern to replicate myself so here is how I created it. How To Create a DIY Bookcase Accent Wall in 8 Easy Steps

4. How To Make A DIY Wood Slat Wall

Difficulty Level: Medium

Our living room felt really empty and boring. It was painted all white including the fireplace so everything blended together. We were looking for a way to bring it to life and give it more character without making it cluttered and still keep it bright. I love adding texture to walls to make it pop. A great way to do this we thought was adding wood slats to the fireplace wall. See full article How To Make A DIY Wood Slat Wall

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