Room Tour

Home Office Tour

Like many of you I have been working from home since the beginning of last year. We moved over the summer time and found a house with a great home office. The previous owners had it staged as a more masculine office.

When we moved in I wanted to make it girly with bright colors. I tend to use a lot of darker colors in my decor so I really wanted to get out of my comfort zone. I get a lot of my design inspiration from TV shows and movies. For this project I was really inspired by the movie Midsommer. As you can see I used a lot of colorful fake flowers and found pictures with flower crowns.

When I started shopping for decor I found so many great southwest theme items so I also tied that into my theme. I really wanted to incorporate antlers into my decor. Typically antlers are used in rustic or cabin decor but I thought it would be interesting to incorporate in into a more bright colored girly decor.

My plan was to do an accent wall but with a twist. I love creating accent walls that have a unique element. Instead of just painting the main wall I used the built in book shelf as the accent wall. Currently I am all about Chevron pattern and wanted to incorporate it into the design. I used painters tape to create the pattern. They make painters tape specifically for creating patterns that I got at Home Depot. I was inspired by the design on the curtains that I found so I mirrored it with the book shelf.

Overall this space created a bright and colorful atmosphere that I wanted where I can spend my work days.

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