Room Tour

My Home Gym/Yoga Space

I consider myself to be a devoted gym person. I have had a gym membership as far back as I can remember and love doing workout classes. However, there are so many great alternatives now and online workout programs. One of the reasons we chose this house was the great basement space. Our basement has a lot of good light for a basement and I saw it as a potentially great works out space.

I have recently been doing more yoga and wanted to create a calming retreat where I can escape to after a days work. I wanted to create a space where I would enjoy being so that I could motivate myself to keep up my work out routine. I chose to use a lot of grey, dark blue, and purple because I find those colors to be more calming. I also noticed that a lot of my work equipment was already those colors so I just stuck with that theme.

I added some string lights to create a cool and relaxing vibe. Strings lights are a great accessory and fit in perfectly with the decor.

I added some fake plants because it would be hard to grow real ones in the basement but I still wanted the feel that plants bring to a room.

Many of the items I collected were from garage or estate sales. The wicker basket that holds the yoga mats I got at a garage sale and the treadmill we found at an estate sale basically brand new.

I bought the room divider to hide the heater and water heater and make the gym feel like its own space.

My husband had a projector so I have been plugging that into my laptop to stream videos and project the image on the basement walls. This makes me feel like I am really in the class. Luckily the walls have just some white covering so its been working well to display the image

Even though the basement is not finished I think it has a great lofty not overly finished feel that I love

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