bathroom renovation

Drawing Your Design

One of the most if not the  most important steps in starting your design is drawing it out before you start your project. There are many reasons why this is so important that I will get into.

Now that  you have determined the criteria for your design and have looked at some inspirations you are ready to draw out some ideas.  I recommend using some graph paper and colored pencils.  

One of the first reasons it is important to draw out your design is that you can see how a couple different options look. When I was doing my wood slat fireplace wall project (see post) I was debating whether to place the wood slates vertically  or horizontally.  I drew out both options to determine which one would actually look better.  This was really helpful because I could also show other people and get their opinions.

I drew out my design so that I could get an idea of what it would look like IRL

The second reason it is important is it helps to organize your ideas and make sure that you don’t forget any steps along the way.   On our smaller bathroom renovation, I did not draw out the design.   We were in a hurry because we were moving and needed to get the property ready to rent so it fell through the cracks.   As a result we forgot to add the built in soap dish in the shower tile that we had planned to do.  We didn’t realize we forgot it until it was too late to go back and add it.

Finally the most important reasons to draw out your design  is that you can give your drawing to your contractor or whoever you have helping with your project.  This helps to establish your expectations to them and can  spur further conversation on whether some of your ideas are even implementable.  A lot of questions can be answered and expectations determined before you start your project saving you both time and money

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