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Starting Your Bathroom Design

When we bought our townhome we were able to get it at a great price but it needed complete bathroom makeovers. Since we didn’t have much DIY or renovation experience we hired a contractor for our first bathroom reno. We were able to learn a lot from him and eventually after completing some more smaller projects we felt confidant enough to do our smaller guest bathroom (see below).

This is our second renovation on our smaller guest bathroom

After accomplishing doing the smaller renovation ourselves we took on our third. See my post Guest Bathroom Remodel

On our first bathroom renovation I had no idea where to start or what I really wanted. Luckily our contractor was really good and asked us questions that helped us come up with the function and style we were hoping for.

If you are looking to do a bathroom renovation or just a few upgrades here is how I would start based on my experience from our Bathroom Renos.

Where to Start

The first thing to ask yourself is What is Important to you in your new bathroom? What are the main things you want to upgrade? What functions are most important to you? What gets you excited about your renovation? These questions will help you determine your criteria.

An example of this is on our first renovation it was our master bathroom and we knew that we wanted to have a tub. We were planning to eventually rent out the property so we wanted to make sure that at least one of the bathrooms had a tub. We thought this would make it more marketable to renters in the future. Once we had this criteria we were able to move forward with the design. We combined the shower and tub and made a linen closet where the shower used to be (see below)

First Bathroom Renovation

Another example is on our latest renovation, my husband wanted to have a shower with a built in bench and no tub. Using this criteria I was able to narrow down on some ideas.

Shower Bench

Where to get inspiration

Once you have some criteria and determine what is most important you can start looking at some inspirations.

One of the best places I have found for inspiration is Zillow. You can use Zillow to check out what your neighbors have done on their upgrades. In most cases your neighbors or houses in the surrounding areas are going to have a similar layout to you so you can get an idea of what is even feasible in your space and what looks good in real life.

From there of course you can always get ideas from Pinterest.

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