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Simple Upcycling Ideas Part 2

Finding Garage and Estate Sale

As it start to warm up it’s a great time to dive into some Upcycling projects.  More estate and garage sales are popping up as the weather gets nicer.  I love getting home furniture and décor items at garage and estate sales and upcycling them to give them a fresh and modern look.  

As I really started to get into get into Garage and Estate Sales last summer I found that it is now super easy to find garage and estate sales near me. Me and my husband use a few different apps to find estate and garage sales near us.  Some of the apps even have some pictures so you can scope out if it is even worth going.  This helps narrow down how many we go to so we maximize our time.  We use the Apps Estate and Yard Sales Treasure Map.  If you type in estate sales in your app store there a lot of options.  These are just some that we have tried.

On a previous blog post Upcycling Second Hand Finds I shared some of my favorite Upcycling projects.  Here is a continuation of some of my favorite Upcycling projects

Wood Mosaic Wall Tiles

I found these Mosaic wood tiles at a garage sale.  I loved the design and though they would make great wall art.  I had some leftover Navy colored paint from our Guest Bathroom Vanity project. See my previous post  Guest Bathroom Remodel.  

I thought painting these tiles with the leftover paint was a great way to incorporate these tiles into our existing design and color scheme.  I always buy a little bit extra paint for my projects and store the extra.  This has paid off for me because I have been able to use the paint for other projects and it’s a great way to tie different items in your house together since they are the same color.  It has also saved me some trips to the hardware store.  I can shop my own paint colors in our workshop/basement.

Since there are three tiles each with a slightly different pattern, I decided to paint each tile a little differently but with the same color.  I painted one completely.  One I did sort of a white wash and lightly brushed on a thin layer.  The third I painted only the flower on the tile. I wanted to highlight the slight differences but uniformity in each tile because I felt that it made it look more custom.

The hardest part of this project was actually hanging the tiles on the wall.  Each tile had a bracket on the back to hang them but none of them were the same and none of them were in the same spot in the back of the tile. I had to do a lot of measuring to figure out where to nail the hook in the wall in order for the tiles to line up.  

Project Takeaways

If I did this project again I would have nailed in my own brackets to the back of the tiles to hang them.   However, I learned a lot from this issue and implemented this idea into my next projects.  

I had another project where I painted a design on multiple pieces of wood so I knew to measure out on each piece where to put the bracket.  I measured the same distance from the top on each piece of wood to place the bracket.   I nailed all the brackets in the same location on each piece of wood.  This made it easier to determine where to hang the hook on the wall.   I was able to hang all the pieces so that they evenly matched up.

One of the great things about doing DIY projects is that everything I have done builds on each other.  I have picked up different skills sets on every project and applied them to my next project.  With every project I do I can tell that the quality has gone up and the time it takes me to do them has reduced compared to where I started.  This has motivated me to do more and more projects so that I can apply what I learn to the next project.

Future Projects

After Christmas I found these wood trees in my neighbors trash. They had put it out on the curb to be picked up by the trash company. I spotted them while checking the mail and I went over and asked if I could have them. It turns out there was nothing wrong with them or anything they just didn’t have space for it.

I loved that they have a Chevron pattern to them because I am obsessed with Chevron patterns and geometric shapes.  

Right now I just have them in our basement storage. Luckily, we have more storage space in our new house so I am able to store a lot of the items we find and then just shop my own little warehouse. This has been extremely helpful with decorating.

I have a few ideas on how I wasn’t to use the trees.  I may use them for Christmas or every day décor.  Stay tuned to the blog to see what I do with them

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