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Spring Projects, How I added Color to My Home

The Spring time really inspired me to add more color to our house.  We have a lot of white and beige walls in our house so we are in need of a pop of color.  I tend to gravitate to darker colors so I am trying to get out of my comfort zone and become more comfortable with incorporating more colors into my designs

Living Room Fireplace Color

The first project we are doing is to add color to our living room. I wanted to add a touch of blue to the living room and I really loved the color of these faux flowers so I tried to match the paint color. I decided to paint around the shelves.

I also wanted to upgrade the glass shelves.  We thought about replacing the glass shelves with wood shelves but thought this might be expensive and time consuming. Instead we decided to reuse materials.  We  glued on extra wood slats we had from the Wood Slat project (see DIY Wood Slat Wall)  to the front of the glass so it gives the illusion of wood shelves.  This worked out great because it matched the wood slats perfectly.  The darker blue paint color also really made the lighter wood pop giving it extra visual dimension

Kitchen Island Color

Our kitchen is all white and was also in need of a pop of color. All white kitchens are popular but I wanted to do something a little different. I have been wanting to paint our Kitchen Island blue and add some color. I loved how the dark blue turned out in the living room so I decided to paint the Island the same color. The Island had trim and Corbels. I thought it might look good to leave those pieces white so I covered those with painters tape. However, when I took the painters tape off I realized it did not look very good so I went back and painted everything and it looked so much better. I was happy with how the color turned out. It was just the pop of color needed.

Upcoming Spring Projects

Bar Stools

Now that I painted the Island I realized the bar stools don’t match anymore.  We have black bar stools in the kitchen.  I looked for some barstools online but didn’t really see anything that I loved for a reasonable price so for my next project I am going to try and reupholster the ones we have and paint the legs to make them look more modern and custom for our space.  Stay tuned to see how it turns out

Bar Stool Before

Spring Wreaths

I also am going to make some spring wreaths for my front door.  I like more modern looking wreaths that are not round.  Check out some of the wreaths from fall and Winter on my Instagram. My mom made them and she is going to show me how to make some for Spring.

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