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How to Make a Colorful and Unique Spring Wreath

Wreath Series

Spring has sprung! What better way to welcome spring than to hang a beautiful spring wreath on your front door. If you are looking for an alternative to a typical round wreath this is the blog post for you. As part of my spring projects Spring Projects, Adding Color I am making wreaths for our door. Here is the first one that we did.

Items We Used

  • Wire Bike Basket(We found this one at Joann Fabrics)
  • Silk flower assortment including: Colorful Tulips, Eucalyptus Vines, Eucalyptus leaves and Floral Vine
  • Wire Cutters
  • Floral Wire
  • Floral Foam
  • Glue Gun
  • Wreath Hanger for your door(I got mine on Amazon). I wouldn’t recommend a plain nail because it ends up drooping down when you wreath is heavier.

To make this gorgeous wreath, we found a beautiful hanging wire basket in the shape of a bike at Joann’s Fabrics.

We then chose a variety of spring colored silk flowers to add to the basket.
You will need a pair of good wire cutters, floral wire, floral foam and a glue gun for fast preparation.

When starting a project like this one you need to make sure you have all the materials and tools necessary, on hand, to ensure it is completed correctly and avoid much frustration.

Attach zip tie to hang

We started with attaching a plastic zip tie to the back of the wire basket to hold the entire piece to the door hanger to ensure it could handle the weight and windy conditions. 

Attach Foam Block

Next we attached the foam block to the base inside of the basket using the glue gun and floral wire. 

Start Adding Flowers

Please note; if you have a screen or security door and you wish to hang the wreath on the inside door, take into consideration the width of outside to the inside door.  Too much greenery will not allow the outside door to close properly. 

Add Floral Vine

The white floral vine was added to the front of the basket to cover the bottom of the floral foam using floral wire and the glue gun.  We glued the tips on the stems of the floral with a glue gun and then we pushed it into the green floral foam to secure it

Floral Vine

Place Tulips

The tulips were next as the focal point of the arrangement. The stems were cut to different sizes to emulate a natural growth of the flowers. We glued the tips on the stems of the floral with a glue gun and then we pushed it into the green floral foam to secure it


Add Eucalyptus and individual leaf filler

Now you are ready to add the greenery of leaves that will work to cover the foam and enhance the look. We used longer Eucalyptus Vines and draped them the sides and in the center. Then we took some of the individual eucalyptus leaves that we cut off from a larger arrangement we bought and glued them in some of the balder spots that needed covering.

Eucalyptus Vines
Fill in Eucalyptus leaves

Hang your wreath

If you have not already set up your wreath hanger on your door. Using the zip tie hanger you already attached hang your wreath on the wreath hanger.  After we did this the first time we realized that the screen door didn’t close because the wreath was too full so we had to go back and trim it down a little.  You may have to do this to make a fit but once you get it right it will look great.

These types of wreaths will stand out from neighbors because as you can see they are unique in style and not the typical round wreaths you normally see. I am planning to make more different types of wreaths so stay stuned

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