Spring Projects Upcycling Upholstery Wreaths

Spring Project Round Up

The Spring season has been a big inspiration for me in a lot of my recent DIY projects. Here is a roundup of all my Spring Projects.


 One of my favorite activities to do when the weather gets warmer is checking out local Garage and Estate Sales.  It’s a great time to dive into some Upcycling projects.  I love getting home furniture and décor items at garage and estate sales and upcycling them to give them a fresh and modern look.  It is now super easy to find garage and estate sales near me. We use a few different apps to find estate and garage sales near us.  Some of the apps even have some pictures so you can scope out if it is even worth going.  This helps to narrow down how many we sales we go to maximize our time.  We use the Apps Estate Sales.net and Yard Sales Treasure Map.  If you type in estate sales in your app store there a lot of options.  These are just some that we have tried.  

Here are some of my favorite finds that I have upcycled. See Upcycling Second Hand FindsUpcycling Ideas Part 2

Spring Projects Adding Color

The Spring time really inspired me to add more color to our house.  We have a lot of white and beige walls in our house, so we are in need of a pop of color.   We added color to our living room.  I matched the blue to some of the decorative faux flowers.  I found this Shipyard Blue in the BEHR Marquee one coat paint and we used that to paint around the shelves.  The darker blue color helped the lighter wood slats pop more.  I loved the color so much that I painted our Kitchen Island the same color. See Spring Projects, Adding Color

Bar Stool DIY

After I painted the Island I realized that the Bar Stools needed an upgrade and did not match the new Island and living room color. As you can see these Bar stools were all black before  and I wanted to make them more modern a bring new life to them.  I don’t know how to sew yet so I did this upgrade with new sewing involved.  See how I did it No Sew Barstool DIY

Spring Wreaths

What better way to welcome spring than to hang a beautiful spring wreath on your front door.   If you are looking for an alternative to a typical round wreath this is the blog post for you.  This wreath is will set your front door apart from your neighbors.  This will be part of a wreath series that I will do so stay tuned for more Wreath Ideas. See Unique Spring Wreath

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