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How to Make A Succulent Center Piece

This Centerpiece is a fun summertime project. The succulents give a fresh summer vibe to any indoor or outdoor space.

We finally got a dining table on our patio, and I wanted to create a center piece for it.  I found some really inexpensive items at the Target dollar spot and Big Lots and figured I could make a centerpiece that would look perfect for the summer time.

Budget Friendly

Difficulty Level: Easy

Shopping List:

  • Sand for floral filling (white and green)
  • Succulent décor pieces
  • Wire Cutters
  • Clear Pitcher from Target dollar spot

Step 1: Poured Sand

I poured most of the white sand in the picture. I didn’t pour all of it because I wanted to leave some to pour on top of the floral pieces so that the stem would be covered

Step 2: Cut the Stems

I had to cut some of the stems of the flower pieces. They were pretty thick and difficult to cut through so I used wire cutters to do this.  You can also use floral tools I just didn’t have any this time.

Step 3: Picked two Large Succulents

I picked one large succulent piece and one slightly smaller piece to be the main visual elements in the display. I added these bigger pieces first. I had to add the larger items first or else I wouldn’t be able to fit them in once I started adding the smaller pieces.

Step 4: Added smaller pieces

I picked a few of the smaller floral décor items and pushed them in.  I was careful to not overload the picture because I wanted to save room for the additional sand.

Step 5: Pour in remaining sand

I sprinkled in some of the green sand and the remaining white sand making sure to cover the stems of the succulent pieces so that the stems were not visible.

Step 6:  Display

Here is how it turned out

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