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How to Make a Decorative Wood Kitchen Board

Difficulty Level: Easy

Budget Friendly

I found this Wood Serving Board at an Estate Sale and I thought it would be perfect to transform into a Decorative Kitchen Item. I love the marble look so I wanted to incorporate it into the item as well.

Items I used:

  • Wood Boards(One I got an estate sale and the other I bought from Hobby Lobby on Sale)
  • White Paint (I used Behr Ultra but I had it leftover. There are some cheaper options)
  • Marble Spray Paint (I Used Montana Cans Marble Effect I found on Amazon)
  • Wood Stain
  • Sander
  • Sponge Paint Brushes (These work better than regular paint brushes for this project. They are super inexpensive too. I got these at Target dollar spot)
  • Painters tape
  • Large Paper

Step One Sand the Wood

This board I bought at the estate sale had pretty rough edges it was a little chipped as well.  I used an electric sander to sand the edges since it wasn’t in a great condition.  The other board I bought at Hobby Lobby was in good condition so I just used a sanding block to sand it a little.  The Boards pretty much cost the same because Hobby Lobby had a sale on wood.

Step Two Divide the board and tape off sections

I divided the board into three sections. I made the two outside sections larger and the middle section thinner.  I measured about 4 inches from the edge for the smaller board.  I taped off the sections and taped the lines for three sections.

Step 3 Paint the white background for the Marble Section

I started with the section I wanted to have as the faux marble section on the left.  I painted a solid white background.  I let dry for a few minutes

Step 4 Stain the wood section

While I waited for the white paint to dry I stained the wood on the far right section. I used a paper towel and dipped it in the stain can and worked it into the wood.

Step 5 Cover up all the sections you don’t want marble

I used the large paper roll and cut some piece that covered all the sections except for the white background I painted in Step 3.  I taped the paper down.    

Step 6 Practice with the Spray Paint

Since I have never used the spray paint before I first practiced on some of the sheets of paper from the paper roll.  This is a good idea to do with spray paint in general because sometimes it’s hard to tell how its going to come out and you don’t want to ruin your project.

Step 7 Apply marble spray paint

Since I had all the sections covered except the white background I started to spray lightly over the white background

Step 8 Tape off the handle

I removed the paper covering. Then I measured and marked the middle of the handle and used painters tape to make a v to where I wanted the paint to stop on the handle.

Step 9  Paint middle section

Using the sponge paint brush I painted the white paint up to where I applied the V with the painters tape near the handle.

Step 10 Stain the handle

I used the wood stain and applied it with a paper towel on the handle up to the white paint

I repeated these steps for both boards on both sides. I did both sides in case one side turned out better than the other. On the smaller circular one I spray painted the center with a metallic spray paint one side and left the other side with a white center. I did this so that I had both options to display.


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