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How to Use Marble Effect Spray Paint

I have recently been doing a lot of DIY projects using Marble effect spray paint. I was really impressed with how easy it was to use and the results. I wanted to share you everything I have learned since using it and all the tips and tricks I can think of so that you can feel confident using it in your next project.

Items I used:

  • Montana Cans Marble Effect Spray Paint
  • Roll of drawing paper

Setting up the can

The gold can that I got came with 3 parts. It came with the can, the safety and the spray lid.

In order to store the can so it won’t spray put the ring (safety) on the top first than add on the red spray top on top of it. In this state it won’t spray.

In order to use the can take off the red spray lid and then tip over the can so the safety ring falls off.  Then place the red spray back on the can top and you are all set to use it.

Practice Using the Spray Can

When using any spray can it is important to practice on a piece of paper first before you use it.  Sometimes with spray cans the paint comes out inconsistent.  This way you get an idea of how the paint flows from the can before you use it on your item. 

Determine the distance of spray

Another reason it’s important to try it on a piece of paper first is so you can determine how close or how far you want to spray for the desired effect. If you spray closer you get a thicker clump and if you spray from farther away you get thinner lines.  I like to do a mix of thicker and thinner lines so it looks more random and natural.  Once you determine the appropriate distance for the effect you want you are ready to start using it on your item.

The thicker line is from spraying close up and the thinner lines are from spraying farther away

Spray on your item

When I use the spray on an item I like to do a mix of thicker and thinner lines so it looks more random and natural.

Store the Spray

Once you finish using the item take off the red spray top and put the safety ring back on then put the red spray top on and store

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