Accent Walls DIY projects

3 Accent Wall Project Ideas

Accent Walls are one of my favorite ways to upgrade my home.  They can create such a huge impact with minimal effort. Any décor items and furniture that you add will look enhanced when put against an accent wall compared to just a plain white wall.

Having an accent wall can also give you an amazing zoom background for video calls.  If you have a short-term rental it can create great back drops for selfies and instagramable moments for your guests.  This can help to promote your property on social media.

There are lot of great accent wall ideas.  Here are some of the accent wall projects that I have done.  These were all fairly simple projects that I did over a weekend or so.  They didn’t require a huge time or financial investment

Geometric Accent Wall

This accent wall I did with only paint. It was very affordable. I wanted to take the cabin theme that is popular in a lot of Colorado decor and make it more hip and colorful by incorporating simple geometric shapes. I did this accent wall to tie the theme together in the room and create a fun getaway environment where our guests can feel like they are on vacation. See How to Create a DIY Geometric Wall Design for tutorial

Grid/MDF Wall

This accent wall I have received the most compliments for. It made such a huge impact.  The dark paint color I picked out was an accident.  I picked a lighter color but it ended up coming out dark but I think it turned out even better.  This one was slightly more expensive due to the cost of wood but still affordable and we were able to do it over a weekend. See How To Make an MDF/Grid Wall

Wood Slat Wall

This wall turned out so good and really enhanced our living room and fireplace.  I love shiplap and I have done it before so I wanted to try something a little different in our new home.  The wood slat look is super easy to do and we didn’t even have to stain the wood because the natural color wood looks really great with this design.  This wall was also not as affordable as just painting due to the cost of wood but really quick and simple to put together . See how to do it How To Make A DIY Wood Slat Wall

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