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Fake Plants vs. Real Plants

This summer was the first time I have successfully had plants that I have not killed.  Our new house has great sunlight and I have been using pots with drainage.  I also drilled holes in the bottom of the pots that did not have drainage and that seemed to help.

Here are how some of my outdoor flowers

My outdoor plants did so well this year I now decided to take on maintaining indoor plants.   

Fake Plants

I have always been such a big fake plant person usually.  We have always lived in condos or town homes in the city where we didn’t have great light so I could only really have fake plants.

How to style fake plants

 I have found that there are so many great fake plants out there that look really good.   Fake plants also make styling a room so much easier.  With fake plants you can use them to fill in spaces wherever you need.  They are great for staging and filling in those small empty spots you don’t know what to do with.  They really add color and texture to a room. You can really see a big difference in pictures when you add in a few fake plants.  I like to fill in room corners, shelves and book cases with fake plants and wreaths.

 I used these wreaths to fill in the gaps in my kitchen shelves and bring in a more nature like vibe to the indoors.  I used wreaths with lighter colors so that it would provide a more natural background and highlight the pots and other items I wanted to showcase on the shelves

Fake plants are so much easier to use for decorating because with real plants you are so limited on where you can put them and they will thrive.  The only real options are near windows where they will get sunlight in most cases so you cant really use them wherever you want to decorate.

My favorite places to get fake plants is Hobby Lobby.   I have also have got a few of mine from garage and estate sales but they don’t look as good as the newer ones I have bought.  

Real Plants

However, this year I really want to work on incorporating real plants into my home. Now that we have a home with good sunlight I really wanted to take on the challenge of adding live plants.   Real plants add a lot of great visual elements to a room as well. I   bought this plant stand and put it together to add to my home office.

I have had these plants for a month now and I am hoping to keep them alive through the winter and even bring in my succulents from outside during the winter.

I love fake plants but I think it is good to incorporate some real plants in your home as well.  It is good to have both because you can use the fake plants to decorate wherever you need and some real plants to add in areas where you have good light and climate in your home.

Do you prefer real plants in your home or fake?

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