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How to Create a Wood Slat Wall: Part 1-Starting the Project and Design

Our dining room is very plain and has no character.  I wanted to add my own style to it and make it a place for family and friends to gather.  I wanted to do a more modern look that integrated well with the MDF/Grid Wall in the next room.  

I did a wood slat wall project over our fireplace see How To Make A DIY Wood Slat Wall and it ended up looking amazing.  I was so happy with the results.  I wanted to incorporate the wood slat look into the dining room as well.   However,I also wanted to integrate a board and batten look.

Drawing My Design

I drew out my first idea.  In my first design my idea was to do board and batten but then put the wood slats of different lengths within the board and batten.  See the below picture.  Once I started thinking more on this idea though I realized it was not very practical.  Once I started measuring for materials I realized the amount of wood slats I would need would be super expensive.  It would also clash with the MDF Grid wall in the next room.  I wanted to come up something that would flow better. 

Instead I came up with this idea below.  This will be a two phase project.  In the first phase I will do the wood slat wall on the wall with the window.  My idea was to put wood slats below the windowsill, above it and add a waterfall look with a section of wood slats over the window.   

In the second phase of the project I will do a more traditional board and batten around the remaining walls in the dining room. This way I can still incorporate both the board and batten with the wood slat look without having to buy as much wood or do as many wood cuts.

Measuring For Materials

Once I had my final design I started measuring in order to determine how many wood slats I would need.  I first measured the width of the window sill.

The window sill width was 93.5”

Based on how I did my previous wood slat wall, I estimated that I wanted the wood slats to be .75” wide and with .75” gaps in between the wood slats.  I added .75+.75 which equaled 1.5”

Then I divided 93.5”/1.5” which equaled 63.  So therefore I determined I needed 63 wood slats.  

I also measured the length of the wall which is 9 ft tall. 

See the next part of the project on How To Create a Wood Slat Wall Part 2: Collecting All The Materials and Prep Work

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