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How To Create a Wood Slat Wall Part 2: Collecting All The Materials and Prep Work

In part 1 How to Create a Wood Slat Wall: Part 1-Starting the Project and Design of this series we did the measurements to calculate the amount of wood we would need.  Now we have our full list of materials and we are ready for shopping.  

Shopping List:

  • Painters tape
  • Behr Marquee Shadow Mountain paint
  • Paint Brushes
  • T-square
  • Pencil
  • Measuring Tape
  • 63 pine boards 0.75”x1.5”x8” (see previous post to see how I calculated this amount)
  • Table Saw(If you don’t have one they can cut it for you at hardware store)
  • Triangle Square
  • Liquid Nails
  • Nail Gun
  • Nails 2.5” long

Paint The Background

In order for the wood slats to really pop and be more dimensional it’s a good idea to paint the background first before attaching the wood slat walls. 

Mark off your painting space

I used a level and drew a straight line from the floor to the bottom of the window on both sides of the window.  Then I marked the line off with Sharp Lines painters tape.   

I used the T-square to make a symmetrical line on the top of the window sill and then drew a straight line from the top of the window sill to the ceiling.  I marked off both side of the top of the window with the painter’s tape.

Then I painted the bottom of the window sill and the top of the window sill.  I thought about painting the ceiling as well and then thought it was best to leave that white.

Determine The Lengths of Wood Cuts

The next step was to figure out the different lengths to cut.  I knew I needed three different wood sizes.  I needed 63 pieces  for under the window sill, 63 pieces for above the window and 63 pieces for the ceiling section.  I measured these lengths.  I determined I needed  16.5” wood pieces for under the window ,28” for above the window and 36” for the ceiling pieces.

Start Cutting the pieces

I started with cutting the section for under the window(16.5”). I first measured 16.5” on one wood pieces. Then I marked the measurement. I cut the first piece before I started measuring the other pieces. Then I took that piece that I cut and made sure that it fit on the wall properly before I started cutting more.

Once I determined the piece fit how I wanted on the wall I used the first piece I cut as a template.  I used my template and measured and marked the length on all the wood pieces.  

I cut all the pieces for the below the window section (16.5”)

I repeated these steps for the other sections.  When I started a new section I first made one cut and made sure it fit on the wall properly and then used that as my template for the rest of the cuts for that section.

See how to do the next phase of the project i How to Create A Wood Slat Wall Part 3: Attaching The Wood Slats

Once I finished all my cuts I had my three sections ready to go to put on the wall.


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