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How to Create A Wood Slat Wall Part 3: Attaching The Wood Slats

Now that we cut all of our wood pieces in part 2 How To Create a Wood Slat Wall Part 2: Collecting All The Materials and Prep Work.   We are ready to put up our wood slats.

Determine level line for first slat

I started on the section below the window sill.  It is important for the first slat to be level because it will be the base for all the other wood slats we do.

Using the Laser level

The first thing I did was used a laser level to determine the line of where the first slat will go. I used a regular level to confirm that the line was straight.  Then I drew the line with a pencil on the wall.

Apply Liquid Nails

On the wood slat I picked the side  of the wood that I wanted to be facing outwards and determined which side I wanted to be facing towards the wall.  Typically you want the less damaged best looking side of the wood facing outwards.  On the side I wanted to face towards the wall I started applying the liquid nails.  I used a caulking gun and spread it sparingly.  You don’t need too much.

Make a Spacer

According to my initial calculations I wanted the wood slats to have a.75” space in between them. I used a spare piece of wood because I knew that they were .75” wide. I remeasured to confirm. I labeled my spacer so that I wouldn’t use it as a wood slat.

Nail Wood Slats on Wall

Once you have the first wood slat up and ready to nail in the next one you want to make sure you put the spacer in between the first and the next one. You want to also make sure that you squeeze the new wood slat as close to the spacer as you can and then nail it to the wall

Move to the next section

I repeated all these previous steps for the next section over the window.

Nailing the wood slats on the ceiling and creating the waterfall effect

Determine straight line

We used the laser level again and I used a triangle square to draw a straight line and follow the laser level line.

Its important for the wood slat to parallel to the wall. Starting closeset to the window wall I measured from the side wall to the line closest to the window. The I took that measurement 18.5” and measured farther down on the side wall to a line farther down on the ceiling and marked that. I drew a straight line between the two markings.

Install Support Beams

Once we started nailing in the wood slats we realized they were not going to hold so we decided to install support beams on the ceiling to nail the wood slats into. In order to make the beams secure I drilled three anchors into the ceiling.

We cut a flat piece of wood to span the length of the wood slat section. Then we screwed in one in the middle and two on the end of the support beams. Then I drilled the screws into all three of the anchors. I painted the beams white so they would blend in with the ceiling.

Using the same techniques as we did with the other sections we nailed the wood slats into the support beams.

Here is how it turned out

See my IGTV for full Tutorial


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