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Decorating The Dining Room Makeover: Modern Meets Traditional

Now that we completed the Wood Slat Wall and the MDF board wainscoting in the dining room. See articles How To Install MDF Paneling To Get A Beautiful Wainscoting Look: Part 3 Filling in the Gaps and Touch Ups How to Create A Wood Slat Wall Part 3: Attaching The Wood Slats. The fun part of decorating is left to do. In my dining room design I wanted to combine traditional and modern styles in a way that wouldn’t clash but still flow together.

Sourcing Wall Art

I have been sourcing the wall art for the dining room for a while now before I actually started on the project.  Some of the items I sourced helped me to inspire me for the overall design of the room.  I got all the wall art from Garage and Estate Sales so that is why I had to start early and collect them before I started.  

The two painting of the fruit trees I bought for $10 each at a Garage Sale. They seemed pretty unique and they reminded me of paintings you might find in an old colonial dining room. This was perfect for my theme of combining traditional with modern. The frames on the paintings inspired me to do the wood slat wall which is a more modern look.

A lot of times it is hard to find unique art that is affordable. I had a lot of paintings from big box stores but realized whenever I went to someone elses home or was on a zoom call everybody else had the same exact paintings.  This was especially brought to light during the pandemic when we saw into everyone’s homes on TV and on Zoom.

Garage and Estate sales are a great way to find unique and affordable art.  Another way is to make your own art.  You can make things more custom to your home and they don’t have to be perfect to look great.

Table Décor

Table Cloth

Finally I decorated the table setting. I used a regular blue table cloth that I got at Target and folded it to make it into a runner. Then I used a burlap roll of fabric and placed it on top. I love layering with table cloths and burlap is a great material to layer with. It is a neutral color and a thinner material so the below layer can show through.


I bought the glass display vase at a garage sale for $2 and filled it with lemon décor.  I have been wanting to use lemon décor for a long time but I feel like its requires a very specific room.  I thought that the lemons really tied the more traditional look with the modern of the rest of the room.  They also matched the lemon tree painting and looked great against the black background on the MDF boards.

Here is how it turned out .

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