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How To Build a Planter Box: Phase 2: Assembling The Planters

In the first phase DIY Planter Box: Phase 1: Collecting Supplies, Cutting the Wood, and Painting we cut the wood, painted all the pieces and made the pieces for the frame.  Now we are ready to assemble the pieces.

Attach Panels to Corner Frames

I attached 2 side panels to two of the corners with wood glue and secured with screws. I placed another panel in between them and glued and secured them to the frame. I flipped over the planter box and placed the last panel into the frame and secured with glue and screws

Measure and Cut Side Slats

Since each side of the planter was slightly different, I measured across each panel to determine how long I needed to cut each slat across.  Based on my measurements I cut all my pieces.

One important thing that helped was to label each wood piece with its corresponding panel.  For example: I marked one panel as 1 and then all the slats I measured for it I marked with a 1 as well so I knew which slats which with went which panel.

Attach Side Slats

I attached the side slats I cut to each panel with wood glue

Build Shelves For The Inside Layers

On the inside of the planters I made two sets of shelves for the bottoms.  I used small wood pieces from cuts and attached them on the inside with screws to build two sets of shelves. Then I measured the inside of the planter and cut a square panel for the two bottom pieces.  I cut the bottom pieces  and placed them on the shelves to make the two layers. One layer was shallower to put the floral décor.  The bottom section was to put sand and weight so the planters didn’t blow over.

Here is how they look so far

See the next steps in How To Build a Planter Box: Phase 3: Finishing Touches and Decorating


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