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Home Office Upgrade: Board and Batten

This week I put up all the MDF boards for the Board and Batten section of this project.  


  • Nail Gun
  • Liquid Nails
  • Window and moulding interior caulk
  • Caulking Gun

After each time I cut a board from the previous step Home Office Upgrade: Week 3: Cutting MDF Boards and Painting   I labeled the board I cut to its corresponding wall and cut length so I could match it up with my chart and drawing. This way I wouldn’t make mistakes on where to put the boards.

Attach MDF Boards

I started at the bottom and attached the bottom horizontal piece I had to recut some pieces since they were a little longer than I needed.  I used liquid nails and a nail gun to attach the MDF boards to the wall

The Vertical Pieces I measured about 27.5 in between each board.  I put the first board against the corner of the wall.  Then I measured 27.5” to the left and marked that on the wall.  I used a level to place the next board to make sure it was straight.  I squeezed the liquid nails onto the board and placed it using the level to make sure it was straight and then nailed it with the nail gun on the wall.  Then I did that again till I got the other end of the wall.

I placed the last horizontal piece on top of the vertical pieces.  I used a level to make sure it was straight and luckily it was already pretty straight without me having to adjust the board.  Once again I put the liquid nails and nailed on the wall.

This was all the MDF that was left which means that my measurements were pretty accurate and I didn’t waste any board and didn’t have to go out and by more. It was almost the exact amount that I calculated would be left.

Here is how it turned out

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