DIY Tips

My Top Tool Must Have

Do you want to know what my most used tool is?  I’ll give you a hint it doesn’t require batteries or electrical.  Before you break out the power tools let’s get back to something simple. 

 My most used tool is a triangle square also known as a speed square.

Here is what you can use it for.

Making A Straight Cut Line

You can measure a board on one side and then flip it over and measure on the other side the same length. Then you can use it to make a straight line between the two lengths.

 It makes it so much easier to measure both sides of the wood and create a line for a straight cut.  

Measuring Angles

You can also measure angles. At the bottom of the triangle it has the degrees. At the corner you can find where it says pivot mark. You can put the pivot mark on the side of the wood piece and then move the bottom to match up the angle you want on the side of the wood. Then draw a line on the top of the triangle to make your angle.

This small inexpensive tool is one that I rely on for all my projects.  It is helpful for making accurate cuts and quick measurements.  It is easier than using a tape measurer because you can easily flip it to measure each side of your wood.  

I highly recommend for any level DIYer to have this in your tool box. If you are a beginner DIYer looking to expand your tool library I would highly recommend adding this as one of your first purchases.  It is a small investment and definitely pays off.

Here is my affiliate link if you would like to buy one for your collection Speed Square/Triangle Square

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