Christmas Grid Wall Makeover Idea

This year will be my first year decorating our house for Christmas.  I found a large tree at an estate sale for $50 and its perfect for the space.  

Now I needed to figure out how to add in additional decorations. I decided to decorate the MDF grid wall we made in our sitting room How To Make an MDF/Grid Wall.  I always thought it was difficult to decorate the grid wall since its already an accent wall its not really meant to be decorated more so I came up with an idea to add Christmas prints that fit within the squares. 

This weekend I bought canvases that fit perfectly in the squares and I am going to paint different prints in each canvas and add them into the grid wall squares.

I am hoping that this will be an easy quick and affordable project that will add the Christmas flare to the sitting room that I am looking for.


  • Canvases from Joannes fabric I used 22×28
  • Wood Snowflake to use as Stencil
  • Paint
  • Gift Bag print to use as stencil Gift Bag

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