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Guest Bedroom Ideas

One of the things that I am most excited about once life gets back to normal is having guests at our new house. We have been working hard to get our guest bedroom together and collecting all the furniture to make an inviting guest space. I am super inspired by short term rental vacation homes and I hope to one day own one. I would love to create more spaces that inspire fun vacation vibes. For now I am practicing on our guest bedroom.

The item that inspired my theme for this room was the deer wall art above the bed. The turquoise color inspired my theme of Hipster Cabin.

Many of the items in this room we made ourselves or we upcycled from estate and garage sales.  


When decorating a bedroom space one of the most important items to have is a headboard.

Headboards are essential to pull together a comfortable and stylish look.  A headboard can make a huge difference in the quality appearance of a bedroom especially when staging your house for sale.  You should always have a headboard.  It adds such a critical focal point and can elevate the space significantly.

Tufted headboards are my favorite type of headboards. It gives the bedroom such a cozy look without having to over decorate with a ton of pillows. It also looks more expensive and more labor intensive. In this bedroom we made the tufted headboard. I used a regular curtain for the fabric on the headboard. We put together the tufted piece and then nailed the tufted piece to the existing headboard. This was a pretty difficult project that was time consuming, but it only cost $75 to make. Making the headboard was a good experience but there are tons of great ones out there that are pretty affordable.


The side table I bought for only $3 at a garage sale.  When we bought it the paint was chipping off the table so I bought paint remover and tried to take off the existing paint.  This was difficult because the paint was so chipped that it was hard to get it all off so I ended up sanding it a lot.   I wanted to paint it turqiouse.  When I went to find paint I decided to go with regular paint that we use for walls.  I decided against spray paint because in my  experience I had to use a lot to get good coverage.  The regular wall paint worked great and I didn’t have to use very much for it to cover the whole table.  I consulted with the paint counter to make sure I was getting the right gloss and finish.  Here is what I got below.

I ended up having enough paint leftover to paint a mirror that I also got a garage sale.  The mirror was originally white so it was super easy to paint over it with the turquoise.  The color came out great and matched the side table perfectly.  I paid only $10 for the mirror.

The curtains I also found at a garage sale brand new for $5 each.  I went to a school fundraiser garage sale and they had a bunch of donated home décor items that were still in the package.

I got the Dresser at an estate sale and negotiated  it for $60.  I was really drawn to it because of the curvy shape and the decorative knobs.  The knobs  are so intricate and matched the pattern on the mirror.

There are tons of websites and apps that are great for finding estate sales nearby. I highly recommend looking at estate sales just be mindful that you will have to carry the items out yourself so bring someone strong with you and a truck.

Future Ideas

After we decorated the guest bedroom I still thought it felt a bit empty so I am planning on doing some geometric shapes on the walls. I love incorporating geometric shapes into my design and I thought it would be easy to accomplish with some painters tape and paint.

Here is what I was initially planning on doing but after consulting with my husband I am thinking of going with a more simple design with less shapes. I will let you know in some future posts how it turns out.


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