5 Tips To Host Overnight Guests For the Holidays

The holidays are coming up and if you are like me and my husband you have mostly out of town family.  Maybe this is your first time hosting and you want to make a good impression on your in-laws?  Well this is the list for you. 

 I put together some ideas to make your holiday guests feel more comfortable based on my experience of what has worked for me.

1. Have an extra toiletries basket 

I have collected some extra mini toiletries over the years. I keep the extra floss and toothbrushes from dentist visits. I bought some contact lense cases and solution samples. I added some lotion and deodorant samples and I put them all in a cute little basket that I placed in the guest bathroom. This way in case your holiday guests forget anything there is a basket with all their needs and they don’t have to feel shy about asking you for these types of items since they are all right there. Also make sure to stock the guest bathroom with shampoos and conditioners and body soap.

2. Account for extra seating

An important thing to remember is that your guests will want to sit and be comfortable at the end of a long day. Extra seating can sometimes be expensive but there are some affordable options. We ordered a really comfortable large bean bag for when our guests came. The bean bag also can convert into a queen size mattress that creates another sleeping space.

3. Provide A Small Cozy Gift

In order to make guests feel more at home I like to surprise them with a small cozy gift like slippers in the guest bedroom or sometimes a nice set of comfy PJs (depending on how many guests you have).  This will make your guests feel more welcome and at home if they have something comfy to wear.

4. Have Fun Mugs on Hand

I love fun holiday mugs.  I have been collecting unique mugs with funny sayings and some cute holiday ones.  Guests love to use the mugs and it makes drinking yummy holiday drinks ever better and provides a unique experience.  I picked up this from a brunch restaurant I went to.  At the restaurant everyone at the table had a different cute mug with a different saying and I thought this was such a fun idea and wanted to implement it in my home.

5. Make a Yummy Holiday Drink

I love to make mulled wine or spiced cider on the stove for the holidays.  Not only is it a delicious treat for your guests it will also make your home smell like Christmas.

This year since I have been pregnant I have made virgin spiced cider and then provided rum and wine to guests to add if they would like.  This was a hit with my guests.  I think the key was not to add the alcohol in while its cooking and instead add it later. 

The ingredients I used for Spiced Cider were:

  • A bottle of apple cider
  • 2 sliced oranges
  • 3 Cinnamon Sticks
  • Half a bag of defrosted frozen berry mix
  • Half a bottle of cranberry juice
  • A few cloves. 

 I boiled these all together. Once they were boiled I let them simmer for a long time while the guests were arriving which made the house smell great. Keep at a low heat while you serve the guests

Finally, don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the holidays with your friends and family.  Don’t get overwhelmed with accommodating your guests.  Make sure and take a rest and don’t feel bad about accepting any help that anyone offers.

Happy Holidays!


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