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We Bought A Short Term Rental

If you follow me on Instragram you have seen that I have been showing you a lot of our second hand finds.  The reason that we are doing so much thrifting is that we bought a vacation rental and need to furnish the home.

We bought a mountain vacation rental with beautiful lake views.  The home is fairly new but it still needs some upgrading and also a lot of finishing touches to make it stand out for an Airbnb listing.  

The theme we are going with is modern western.   We started with painting the walls an ultra white and painting the black trim.

Living Room

Here is my idea for the living room.  I want to put up a wood mantle on the fire place. I also want to match the wood with faux beams on the ceiling in the dining room but not sure we will be able to do the beams right away.

Right now, there is an oddly painted wall blocking the kitchen that has a bunch of different paint colors.  It will be very difficult to remove the wall paper so I am thinking the easiest thing is to cover the wall with a tan shiplap to match the mantel.

Master Bedroom

The Master Bedroom has a great bay window and view.  The only thing is that it has the textured wallpaper so we are going to paint the large wall black in hopes it will cover some of the textured look.


In the second and downstairs bathroom we are replacing the shower tile. The tile is actually not old tile the problem is that it does not photograph well. The tile is small squares and the problem with small squares is that there is a lot of grout and the grout starts to look grimy and dirty quickly. This is the reason I always use larger tile pieces. Larger tile shows less grout and it is easier to install.

Second Floor

The second floor has its own entrance with French doors and pretty good light for a second floor. This week we finished painting it. We painted ultra white and painted the trim black. We are going to put a sectional and foosball table.

Mud Room

Right now the mud room has carpet so we will be taking the carpet out and replacing it will tile and I am planning to do some tree printed wall paper.


The kitchen is in really good condition with new appliances but it has no backsplash.  I will install a backsplash I picked out.  It is a black slate.  The black state matches the black accents and it goes with the modern western theme

Next week I am hoping that the painting gets done upstairs and I want to install the back splash stay tuned for more

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