Vacation Rental

Short Term Rental-Week 2 Progress 

We bought a vacation rental property. See my first articleWe Bought A Short Term Rental.  When we bought the property it seemed pretty turn-key but once we really started looking there was a lot of small things that were needed. There is no major renovations but just a lot of small projects. The small projects are all thing we have done like tiling and shiplap but never on this escalated of a time frame.   The carpet needs to be replaced as well but luckily there is not too much carpet.  

Since this was a vacation home for the previous owners it was not very lived in so it got a little grimy and so we decided to paint the whole interior. 


We are painting the whole interior an ultra-white with black trim. This has proven to take a really long time. We hired painters to do the living room and upstairs, but we are doing the trim which is taking forever just because the house is pretty big.


This week I started the back splash. I picked this stone tile. I wanted a black tile but a lot of the black tiles I found was the geometric shape but I didn’t feel like geometric shapes went with the theme. I didn’t want to do subway tile either because it would be too glossy. I thought this matched our modern western theme perfectly. However, it was a lot harder to install than other type of tile I have worked with. Since its stone all the tiles aren’t exactly the same and some are bowed and don’t fit perfectly flat on the wall. The cuts have been difficult as well. Since its stone it flakes a lot so it’s hard to get a straight cut and I have to use a tile cutter. I have only ever use the backsplash with the netting behind which is super easy to cut so this has been a challenge I didn’t expect.

Moved All The Furniture

Luckily my brother in law came out to help us move furniture here. We picked up the King bed that we bought from an estate sale as well as a dresser and then moved all of our garage and estate sale finds here. We put together the bunk bed but we cant move the furniture into the main bedrooms because the carpet needs to be replaced and we have to finish painting the bedrooms. Stay tuned for next weeks updates

See Short Term Rental- Week 3 Progress Update

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