Vacation Rental

Short Term Rental- Week 3 Progress Update


Last week’s update was Short Term Rental-Week 2 Progress . This week we finished the backsplash.  This turned out to be a lot more time and effort than anticipated.  The stone tiles were hard to work with since they were not all the same size and it came out a little lighter than I hoped but I was able to use grout dye to make the tilese darker.  Since this was a stone tile it is more absorbent and porous, so the dye seemed to absorb well.


We finally got pretty much everything painted. We finished painting the trim and now all we have left is to paint some of the second bedroom

Started Shiplap wall

I started the shiplap wall but then quickly realized I didn’t have the correct saw to cut around the outlets. We had to go home and grab the jigsaw to make those cuts. Now that I have the right saws to use, I should be able to get going on it.

Installed Tile Floors In The Mud Room

The mud room was all carpet before so we ripped it up and now we are almost done with the tile floor installation.  I started to hang wall paper in there as well but quickly realized that I ran out of wall paper so I had to order more and now I have to wait for the grout to dry to be able to hang it.

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