Vacation Rental

Short Term Rental Progress-Week 4

See last week’s update Short Term Rental- Week 3 Progress Update.  

Shiplap Wall

This week I finished and started the shiplap wall. The wall before had some weird wall paper that was going to cost a lot of money to remove so instead, I decided to shiplap over it. I wanted to do a lighter wood color so I picked a simple light shiplap wood. I used a jigsaw for the first time to do the cuts around the outlets and I think they came out pretty good. The hardest part about this project was creating the book ends to create more finished edges. I made a cut in the wood to create a lip to attach on the sides. This cut was very difficult. Once I had the wall up I noticed the wood was a little too plain so I added a light stain which made it look so much better.

Updated Master Bathroom

In the master bathroom we didn’t want to update the tile because it looked like it was in good condition. However, it was still kind of grimy and needed some updates. In order to make it look fresher I covered up the yellow paint with a grey. The wall was textured so instead of removing the texture I just painted it grey and it looks so much better. We replaced the toilet since the toilet was really old and super tiny. I have never seen such a small toilet. Then we also updated the faucets with more modern matte black faucet. The old faucets were the old giant crystal knobs which are kind of gross because you have to put your whole palm over it compared to more modern ones that have smaller knobs. There is a jetted tub but it had not been used for a long time so it had a lot of grime built up. I used a a jet tub cleaner to try and clean it out.

Finished painting

We finished painting the master and the second bedroom.    The Master Bedroom had textured yellow wall paper so I painted over it with grey and black.  It didn’t turn out great but it looks better than before.  

Other Bathrooms

In the second and basement bathroom My husband finished the plumbing and built the walls and will start tiling soon.

Fire Place Mantel 

We started building the wood mantel. I used common board and then stained it the same color as the shiplap wall. I cut the pieces for the top of the mantel and the front using an angled blade on the table saw. I cut them in angles so they can fit together with more seamless edges. We started with gluing the piece together with wood glue and then nailing them with a nail gun.

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