Vacation Rental

Short Term Rental Progress Week-5

This week we made a lot of progress and I am hoping we are nearing completion.  See Week 4 Short Term Rental Progress-Week 4 for last week updates.


This week we finished the fireplace mantel.  I used two pieces of common board and stained them same color as the shiplap wall.  I did two angled cuts on the table saw so that the two boards fit together.  One piece I used as the top of the mantel and one piece was for the face it.  I used wood glue and glued them together.  Then I drilled them to the mantel.  I used wood filler to fill in the gaps and then stained the mantel again.  


We finally got all the carpet replaced and it looks so much better. Before the carpet wasn’t even attached

Bathroom Shower Tile

This week we finished the tiling in two of the bathrooms.  I did the grouting in one of the bathrooms.  The tile looks so much better we used a light wood tile that made the bathroom feel brighter but still not too light where it wood look grimy overtime.

Wood Window Accents

I cut leftover wood pieces.  I stained them and nailed them over the top of the windows to tie all the wood accents together.

Mud Room 

I finished putting up the Wallpaper in the mud room.  It kept falling down before and I ran out of wallpaper really quick.  This time I bought plenty and I used a spray adhesive to keep it up. It stayed up overnight so I am hoping that it stays up permanently. Next I bought some cubbies to cover up the weird bump in the floor. Eventually we want to build a bench over that bump.


We started to move some of the furniture into the bedrooms. We put the beds together but then realized that we forgot to buy box springs for the mattresses so right now the beds looks really weird so we made sure to order them.

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