Vacation Rental

Short Term Rental Progress-Week 6

We are finally wrapping up with all the work for the Vacation Rental.  It is has a been an exhausting journey from finding the property to all the work we put into the property that I hope will be rewarding.  Last week finished all the major pieces see  Short Term Rental Progress Week-5

Now this week we are doing a lot of the decorating and final touches.  We finished up the air bnb listing yesterday.

Decorating the Fireplace 

I finished up putting together the fireplace mantel last week and this week I decided to decorate it a little bit for Christmas so that we might be able to get some guests before Christmas. I got these star stocking holders from an estate sale for $5 and they were originally from Crate and Barrel.

Decorated the Shiplap wall

I added some faux wreaths to the shiplap wall to make it have more of a nature element and the green leaves look really good against the wall.

Decorated Master Bedroom 

We had to grabbed  some more pictures and décor items from Hobby Lobby.  I hung up all the pictures and cushions for the Bay windows

Finished Bathrooms:

We finished up installing the shower heads and tile and adding some décor in the bathrooms.

Finished Mudroom:

I built some cubbies to cover up the cement bump in the mudroom and we added a bench we bought at an estate sale. The wallpaper seems to have stayed up too.

Downstairs Living Room:

I finished decorating the downstairs living room and we put together the foosball table. We got all the décor items from garage and estate sales

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