Vacation Rental

Vacation Rental Reveal-Bathroom Upgrades

Now that we have completed the work we finally listed the property on airbnb.  See airbnb link 

Modern Western Lake House

I’ll take you room by room each week to reveal the before and afters.

This week I will take you through the bathroom upgrades

Upstairs Second Bathroom and Downstairs Bathroom

When we first bought the house the bathrooms looked in pretty good condition except for the showers and toilets.  


The shower tile was actually not that old it just looked really bad because it was small tiles with brown grout so it made it look dirty and did not photograph well.  This is why I usually use larger tile.  Larger tile is easier to install because its less cuts and grout and its just an overall better look. The showers had a really old glass door that we removed.  We bought a wood tile that was super affordable from home dept.  The tile both showers cost less than $200.  

The tubs in the shower were in good condition so we left them. Then we replaced the shower heads and the handles so they all matched. I chose darker fixtures because they look cleaner longer and they are a more modern elegant look. A lot of times the silver or chrome fixtures start to look dirty really quickly. I picked shower fixtures that had spray handles, so it makes it easier to clean the showers and tubs.


The toilets that were there when we bought the house were in really bad condition but they were cemented to the floor so they were hard to remove.  We had our contractor remove them and we bought American Standard toilets to replace them.  I have learned the hard way to always stick with name brand toilets.  I always by either Kohler or American Standard toilets.  They have worked the best I have found.


I didn’t want to replace the whole countertops because they were in pretty good condition and didn’t think it was worth the expense.  Instead in order to upgrade the sinks we replaced the faucets with center set with long neck spout faucets.  The faucets that were on the sinks before were noticeably outdated.  They were the faucet handles with the giant crystal globe. 

Master Bathroom

We didn’t do too much work in the Master Bathroom since the shower tile was in good condition.   There was a jut tub in it but it got pretty dirty from sitting for so long so I had to buy special jet tub cleaner to try to get the dirt out of the jets.  It still didn’t clean it totally so I had to scrub it a bunch.


The master bathroom was yellow with a weird texture so I repainted all the yellow a greyish blue and it looked so much better.


We replaced the toilets with the same American Standard ones


We only replaced the faucets in this bathroom as well since the counters were in good condition and it was  a nice double sink

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