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Baby’s Room Project- Week 2

I made so much progress during Week 1.  Last week I painted an accent wall with a herringbone stencil pattern and painted the wood trees that I am going to hang up.  See Baby’s Room Project- Week 1

The theme is woodland creature/forest. It also has a little bit of a Scandinavian feel since that is kind of goes with the décor of our home.  

Wood Trees

This week I finished hanging up the wood trees on the wall. I used dry wall anchors to hang them since the wood was pretty heavy.

Woodland Creature Decals

We placed these Decals and it was pretty easy to do. First, we cut out all the shapes. Before we started applying them we put them up with painters tape first to decide how we wanted to place all the shapes. Once we finally had them exactly how I wanted them we went through and applied the decals to the wall.

Wood Accents

I had an extra piece of wood leftover from the shiplap wall.  I cut it in half using a jigsaw to make two thinner pieces so that I had enough wood to put over the window and the closet.  I also thought the thinner piece of wood looked more Scandinavian. 

On the piece for over the closet I painted a sign on it to go with the forest theme.  I painted Camp Lane and put little arrows on it.  I also stained both pieces.

My old nail gun didn’t last through the last projects and kept jamming so luckily I got a new one.  I got a Dewalt nail gun and it worked so much better.  It made the project go so much quicker. I barely had to press it against the wood.  This nail gun had a safety too so I felt a lot better about using it.  I nailed the wood pieces.  I hung one over the closet and one over the window.  


I hung up some of the woodland creature pictures. I made a little gallery wall with them. I bought some frames on Amazon so they all matched

Next week I am getting a lot of the furniture like the crib and rugs.  Stay tuned for next weeks update

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