Baby Room

Baby’s Room Project- Week 3

I have the major pieces of the baby’s room complete see last week’s update Baby’s Room Project- Week 2.  

The wall opposite the decal wall seemed sort of blank so I wanted to focus on filling that out.  

Leaf Border

I wanted to add more leaves and green to the room so I thought a leaf border would be perfect.

Instead of painting it I decided to use leftover decorations from my baby shower. There was a leaf wreath that came with the decoration kit and it was the perfect length for the wall. I used cable holders with nails to put them on the wall.

I nailed in cable holders into the wall to hold the leaves

Twinkling Lights

I bought some twinkling room lights in order to create a more magical feel. I weaved them into the leaf border across the wall. Here is how it turned out.

Book Shelves

We got a few books and I also wanted to use them for decoration. I bought these floating bookshelves to display them. I thought they were great for space saving purposes. However, I want to eventually put in more shelves for books. I got these on amazon and they were super easy to install.

Wood Accents

I made a little sign out of one of our wood accents that said “Camp Lane” and I loved how it turned out. The other wood accent over the window wall looked really plain in comparison. I thought about painting a pattern on it but then I didn’t want to risk messing it up since it was the last piece of wood I had. Instead I had another wreath that attached above the wood accent. It added more texture and helped to make it looks less boring.

We still have furniture to add like the crib and dresser that I will tackle next week

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