Baby Room

Baby’s Room-Week 4

I am wrapping up on the Baby’s Room and pretty much done with all the DIY projects from last week’s update.  See Baby’s Room Project- Week 3

Now we are ready for all the furniture


We put the crib together. We got it from BuyBuyBaby. I really love how it looks because it matches the Scandinavian feel of the room and the rest of the house.


I got this really cute rug at Target. It was hard to find a rug that looked stylish but still appropriate for a baby’s room. I finally found this one and I think it checks both those boxes. It has some pink in it but it still matches the room.


I put the dresser together. We got it from Amazon. It was not hard to put together, but it took longer than I thought it would since there were a lot of drawers. It is a small room so I like how the dresser is narrow. However, is still has a lot of storage. I hope that it lasts him till he gets older. It also has space for a changing table on top.


I also found these Woodland Creature baskets on Amazon.  I stuffed them with all the swaddling blankets.  I have been practicing my swaddling and I think I am getting pretty good at it.

Stuffed Heads

I added these really cute plush stuffed heads to the décor. I wanted to add wall décor that was a little different and stood out among all the other. It has a different texture and a pop out element to add visual interest


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