Baby Room DIY Tips

How I Created an Accent Wall Using A Stencil 

If you have been following my blog or Instagram you know that I have been working on my Babys Room Project see latest update Baby’s Room-Week 4

One of the projects I did for the Baby’s Room was painting an accent wall.  I used a herringbone stencil that I found on Amazon.  

Supplies list:

  • STENCILIT® Herringbone Simple Large Wall Stencil For Painting – XL 22“x 40“ – Diy Geometric All Over Paint Stencils For Walls, Herringbone Wall Stencil
  • Behr Marquee Paint Leaf Green
  • Rag and or paper towels to clean up mistakes
  • Paint tarp
  • Painters tape
  • Small Paint Brush

Paint Prep

Tape off the accent wall and place tarp on the floor.  Cover any areas you don’t want painted including base boards and adjacent walls

Start from the Top

Start from the top corner of the wall with the stencil.  Use painters tape to attach stencil to the wall.  Line up the stencil on the wall how you want the pattern to appear.  It is important to keep the pattern consistent as you go.

Paint in Stencil

Use a small paint brush instead of a paint roller. With a paint brush you have more control. Use the minimal amount of paint possible on the paint brush. If you use to much paint on the brush it drips and messes up the design. It is inevitable that the paint will drip a little so keep a wet rag or paper towel nearby to quickly clean up mistakes.

Move Stencil Down

Mark bottom of stencil.  Then move the top of stencil down to the line you marked and repeat the steps above.

Fill in Gaps

There will be some gaps in the design from where you moved the stencil down.  Use the smaller stencil in the kit to fill in the gaps.

Continue Pattern

I started from the top left corner and worked my way down the wall and moved from left to right.  You can move which every direction you choose but just be sure to keep the pattern consistent as you move.

Touch up mistakes

There may be some drips or mistakes you make so it is always good  to have the white color or whatever color your background is on hand to cover any drips or pattern inconsistencies.

Here is the final result

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