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Home Office Upgrade: Buying Materials

The first thing to do before buying the materials is to measure how much I need to buy this is especially important for the MDF board

MDF Boards

I measured each wall and determined how many squares I wanted on each wall. I knew I needed MDF Boards to cover the lengths on the top and bottom for the horizontal pieces of the board and batten and the vertical pieces in between.

I separated the measurements by wall and then totaled it up at then end to determine how many MDF boards I needed.

Paint Colors

In order to save money for the project I wanted to reuse paint I already had.  I have a lot left over from other projects, so I chose this North Pole Blue from Behr Paint I had in my paint collection

In order to find the right color of Pink to match I used the Behr color wheel.  I went on the Behr website and typed in the North Pole blue and it shows me the complimentary colors and the correct pink that would match.  I thought this pink was a little dark, so I am going to choose a shade lighter but now I have any idea of where to start.

Materials Needed:

  • Painters Tape
  • Paint 
  • Stencil(Woodlands design from Stencilit)
  • Nail Gun
  • MDF Boards

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