Pergola Project

Pergola Patio Project: Decorating

After we set up the pergola see my previous article Patio Pergola Project: Pergola Set up

It was time to decorate it. 


I planted new flowers to all my flower pots.  I found really great deals on flowers over Memorial Day weekend at Lowes.  I hung some vine like plants on the pergola in hopes that they would grow long and wrap around the pergola beams but so far that has not happened.  Adding the flowers and greenery really added to the space and made it seem cozier and more colorful.

String Lights

 I added about three sets of string lights to the Pergola.  We already had some attached to the wall, so I just attached the pergola ones to the existing, so it looks like an extension off the wall.

I had a net of string lights, so I attached those to the back of the Pergola to make them look sort of like a curtain.  However, I realized after I did this that whoever is sitting there could get their hair caught in it so I instead nailed in hooks to attach them to the back of the wall.

I then added some solar powered fairy lights.  I wanted to try the solar powered lights so that I wouldn’t use up another socket.   The only thing I don’t like about the solor panel lights is that it took a long time for it to charge and then it has to be super dark for them to turn on so they don’t turn on till really late at night and by that time I am way too tired to sit out and enjoy them.

Then I added just another set of regular string lights around the pergola.

Patio Furniture

I added patio furniture including these egg chairs I found on Wayfair that are super comfortable and sturdy.  I searched forever for egg chairs last summer and found these ones.  I love the look of egg chairs but the problem with them I had was most of them were too tall so they would get blown away by the wind or they weren’t comfortable.   

I also added plenty of side tables so that we would always have a place to set our drinks for the summer.

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