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Home Office Upgrade Project: Stencil Wall

Home Office Upgrade Project: Stencil Wall

This week I started my Home Office Upgrade Project.  I started by painting the stencil wall section of the project.


  • Stencilit Woodlands Stencil
  • Behr Paint: North Pole Blue
  • Frog Tape
  • Level
  • Pencil

Marking My Lines

The first thing I had to figure out is how far down I wanted to do the stencil on the wall. Basically, I had to calculate how high up I wanted the Board and Batten to be.  Based on my measurements I calculated before from (insert link)  I know that my Board and Batten will be 48 inches high.  

I measure from the base board up and marked 48 inches on the wall with a pencil.  I went along the wall and made the marks across the wall.  I used a level and connected the marks to make one line across the wall.

Then I taped off the line with painters’ tape.


Find Correct Orientation

The first thing I did was determine the top of the stencil. The pattern was a little complex so its important to first determine that you have it the right direction. Based on this I was able to figure out how to continue the pattern across the wall. This stencil was really easy to figure out how to continue the pattern across.

Then I used the Frog tape on the stencil to hold it up on the wall. I found Frog tape works the best for this.


I have a really textured wall at my house, so I sanded it first.  I found that sanding the wall made the painting go so much faster


I started from the top left and worked my way down and over.  It’s important on these stencils to use the least amount of paint as possible.  If you use too much paint on your paint brush it will drip and ruin the design. It is difficult to figure out the exact right amount to have on your brush but once you get through the first couple squares it gets easier.  

For the bottom section I had to cover it with a sheet so I wouldn’t get paint on my board and batten section since I wanted to paint it pink.

Here is how it turned out

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