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Home Office Upgrade: Starting My Design

My Home Office is one of the first places that I decorated when we first moved in.  I used a lot of store bought art and I looked good at the time but now that I have picked up more DIY and design skills through my projects since then I want to revamp the room to make it more unique and my own style and rely less on the store bought art.

I plan on making this office more of a colorful Scandinavian Midsomer vibe.

Here is what I am planning to do.  


I am loving using stencils.  I think that they are better than wall paper.  There are some many really cool designs out right now.  I found this Woodlands design on the STENCILIT website that I am going to use.  Wallpaper is so expensive, and you have to order more than you need to get the wall covered and it ends up being wasteful. Last time I did wall paper I thought it would be a cheaper option, but I kept having to order more to cover the wall and it ended up being super expensive and then I had extra that I never used.  With Stencils you just need one stencil and you can cover as much wall space as you want, and you can reuse the paint or stencil for other projects easily.

Board and Batten

I wanted to do a Pink Board and Batten but with a little twist.  My idea it to do the board and batten like I have done before for my dining room project.  See  Decorating The Dining Room Makeover: Modern Meets Traditional However, I want to add some texture. In the middle of the Board and Batten I am going to add a  lace like material.  I am going to paint the lace the same color as the stencil part of the wall and that way the ping background will show through the lace as well.

Wall Strip

I am also going to make this strip and create a border out of trim and paint inside.  I will hang my design drawings that I have made from all my past projects in the strip.  I think this will be a nice unique touch that ties the house together because it will show how I originally brought all my design projects to life. 

Next step in project:Home Office Upgrade: Buying Materials

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