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How To Create a DIY Bookcase Accent Wall in 8 Easy Steps

When I was decorating my home office I really wanted a unique accent wall. Instead of doing an accent wall on the main wall behind my desk I decided to do an accent wall in the book shelf. The first thing I thought of was painting it one color but I decided I wanted a pattern. I looked online for wallpaper I could put up as a background but didn’t find anything I liked. I thought hey I can create my own pattern. I am obsessed with Chevron pattern and thought it was an easy enough pattern to replicate myself so here is how I created it.

Things you will need:

  • Ruler/Yard stick/Level with Ruler(this is what I used)
  • Painters tape I recommend (Scotch Blue Sharp Lines). This worked the best. It left less pockets than regular painters tape.
  • Pencil and Eraser
  • Paint (I used Behr ultra interior semi gloss) 
  • Rosin paper/Painters tarp
This tape left less pockets for the paint to drip into then regular painters tape

Step 1 (Draw center Line)

My book shelf had three sections. On the first section I measured the total width and then divided in half I took that number to determine where to mark the center of the section, I marked the center of the section about 4 times starting at the top making my way down and then connected the marks to draw one straight line down the middle.

Step 2 (Mark the bottom tip of your Vs)

Then I had to determine how many Vs I wanted. I measure the length of my section and divided it by the amount of Vs I thought I wanted. This took a lot of trial and error I started with 7 but then when I started marking I realized I needed more and I ended up with 8 Vs. Once you have that number divide by total length. I divided the total length by 8 and took that number and started from the top and measured that number and marked it on the center line I already created on step 1. This mark will be the point in your V,

Step 3 (Tape off the center line)

I got the painters tape and placed the tape along the center line I created in Step 1 all the way from the top to the bottom

Step 4 (Tape off your Vs)

Then I started from top left corner and placed one end of the tape in top left corner of the book case and then brought the other end to the mark I made in step 2 where I marked the tip of the first V. I repeated this on the right side. As I moved down to next V. I placed the tape from my next tip of the next V mark down I made to the far end of my section making the Vs all the way down, You can use your level to make sure that the tops of your V are even.

Step 4 Place tape from bottom of V to the sides

I repeated Step 1-4 for each book case section

Step 5 (Painting Prep)

Once I finished taping the design off. I put down my painting tarp/rosin paper on the floor and bottom of bookshelf to prep for painting.

Step 6 (Paint)

I started painting from the top. Make sure to paint in the direction away from the tape instead of towards the tape. This way when you remove the tape after it dries the paint doesn’t stick to the tape and tear away your design,

Step 7 (Remove tape)

Let the paint dry(I recommend overnight). The longer the better. You want to make sure it’s completely dry before you remove the tape. Once dry start removing the painters tape slowly and then you should start seeing the design to come to life.

Step 8(Clean up and decorate)

Use the eraser and erase and pencil lines that maybe still visible from your markings.

Now you can start to add your shelves and all your accessories on your shelf. With a background that pops its so easy to decorate.


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